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Martha Stewart CBD Topical Cream

Introducing Martha Stewart CBD Topicals

Life is complicated, but we believe that living well can be simplified by focusing on practical and effective solutions. That is why Martha Stewart’s CBD topicals are easy to use and easy to love for improved everyday wellness.


Used for thousands of years, Hemp (the plant from which CBD is derived) has been cultivated and used to help treat lots of different ailments, due to its calming, balancing benefits which it achieves through working in tandem with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Today, there are many reasons why people reach for CBD, for example: sleep; relaxation; stress; skincare; and temporary muscle relief. Yet, many are left frustrated at the specificity of information and the percentage levels of CBD in the products they choose to try.

Our range of Martha Stewart CBD topicals utilize cutting edge aroma-technology and are proven to work, with market-leading levels of US-grown, hemp-derived CBD. Each cream has been developed to target specific wellness concerns utilizing an optimized dose of CBD in combination with natural co-actives. Discover the range and learn how they can positively impact your everyday.


Broad-Spectrum CBD includes a wider composition of trace cannabinoids and bioactive components of the hemp plant that provide additional benefits when applied to the skin as supported in user studies.


Super Strength CBD Cream, a unique blend of powerful co-actives including Magnesium, Ginger, 5% CBD, and Aloe Vera.

How can it help? Designed to help manage muscle recovery and discomfort, Super Strength CBD cream provides rapid relief.

  • 85% of users said muscle discomfort felt reduced after using Super Strength CBD Cream
  • 83% of users said muscle stiffness felt reduced after using Super Strength CBD Cream
  • 72% of users said felt Super Strength CBD Cream improved mobility

Sleep Science CBD Cream is a unique blend of aroma-technology essential oils including Lavender, Vetivert, and 3% CBD.

How can it help? This 98% natural sleep solution gets to work within minutes of application to help you relax before bedtime and enjoy better quality sleep.

  • 72% fell asleep faster after using Sleep Science CBD Cream±

Daily De-Stress CBD Cream is a unique blend of aroma-technology essential oils including Neroli, Ho Wood, and 2% CBD.

How can it help? Actively manage daytime stressors with body care designed to calm and comfort throughout the day. A powerful, functional fragrance proven to work in user studies.

  • 72% of users felt more relaxed after using Daily De-Stress CBD Cream

At this time, Martha Stewart CBD Topical Creams are not available for sale.

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